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 The journey started many years ago when I fell in love with natural skin care. Training under some of the top instructors in the industry, I have a proven track record of helping clients achieve healthy skin. My skin care is founded on the belief that healthy skin is beautiful skin and that the products used should be pure and natural. Skin care, nutrition, and healthy living go hand-in-hand. What we put into our body shows on our skin. 


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Healthy skin is an investment

At Flawless Face we believe what you put into your body, the products you use, and your lifestyle show on your skin. With regular facials and using the right products for your skin you will start to notice improved texture, tone, and a healthy glow.

Getting the right amount of sleep, drinking enough water, and being smart about sun exposure can mean the difference between glowing skin and tired, dull skin. 


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Phenix Salon, Outback Plaza, 4840 South 76th Street, Suite 103, Greenfield, WI

Call or text (414)303-1955 During treatments I am not able to answer the phone, so please leave a voicemail

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